Feeling less empty.

I lived a little this weekend. A part of me feels where I’m not sure I’ve felt before. Cheers to the restoration of hope in my mind and cheers the experiences that pried open my mind just a little bit more.

Ah okay. I'm sorry to hear that. It happens to just about everyone... I gotta say, though--question marks on your blog look pretty cool! ? Since I feel like I should throw in a question, do you have any near-future plans?

In the near future, I’m GOING ABROAD and I’m stoked about it!  



i have this problem where i isolate myself from civilization and then get upset because i feel lonely

My life right now.

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So I found your blog rather clandestinely, but you seem like a cool guy. One question: is there someone you miss to whom you haven't talked recently, or who just hasn't really bothered to stay in contact with you (or vice versa, I suppose)?

Haha you certainly could say that.  I’m jaded from a relationship that never really happened.


Un jour c’est toi qu’on laissera

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I’ve known for quite some time that it is not what you do that makes an experience valuable, but who you do it with.  I look forward to the day where my friends will be as crazy as I am and where I can be truly myself.  I crave a closeness with people that I’ve yet to find.  Until that day, I’ll be searching.


EvoL - We Are A Bit Different

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Hello Summer Megamix

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Hummingbird Heartbeat Remix - KP. 

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